Middle Ages Brewing Company

Producing British Inspired Ales in Syracuse, New York since 1995

India Pale Ale

New England RYE IPA (SB #14)

This beer is a New England IPA with a twist. Generous amounts or rye malt give this beer a deeper color and a spicy rye flavor.

This beer is hopped with a blend of spicy dank hops (Colombus, German Pearl) and fruity hops (Simcoe and Centennial) to give this beer a hop profile that compliments the rye.

Salt City IPA

This beer is loaded with centennial hops (dry hop over 2 lbs per bbl). It's also one of the first Middle Ages Beers to feature American Ale Yeast rather than the Middle Ages house English yeast.

Session IPA

An IPA with a lower than average acohol but with intense pine and citrus hop flavor, rounded up with a dry finish. It was first brewed to celebrate our17th Anniversary.