Middle Ages Brewing Company

Producing British Inspired Ales in Syracuse, New York since 1995


Preparing malt for grinding
Boiling tank
Bottling line

Middle Ages Brewing Company offers handcrafted ales inspired by traditional British Brewing techniques. The brewery is owned by a Syracuse family and was founded by Marc and Mary Rubenstein in 1995. Marc, the original master brewer, interned at two microbreweries, Kennebunkport Brewing in Kennebunkport, Maine, and Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine.

We do a couple things which makes our beer unique compared to other American micro-brews. The majority of our malted barley is imported from England. This is because English malts have a rich toasty character that has not been replicated by any American Maltsters. Middle Ages also uses a house yeast (originating from England) that has been continuously harvested from fermenting beer for over 180 years. This is accomplished by fermenting the beer in open vessels which allows the yeast to be collected from the top.

As a locally owned company, we try to give back to the community whenever possible. In lieu of selling it, we donate our grain that has already been used for brewing to a local dairy farmer. We also make regular donations to locally based charities and other non-profit organizations (see the contact page for inquires).

Middle Ages hosts an annual anniversary party in the park adjacent to the brewery. The party is always the first Sunday in August and features local bands, local food vendors and 3500+ yearly attendees. The event is free to attend and is a family friendly affair.

How Your Beer Is Made produced by Benjamin Wilson